Connor Greenwell

Large-Scale Geo-Facial Image Analysis

Mohammad T Islam, Connor Greenwell, Richard Souvenir, Nathan Jacobs. (EURASIP, 2018)


While face analysis from images is a well-studied area, little work has explored the dependence of facial appearance on the geographic location from which the image was captured. To fill this gap, we constructed GeoFaces, a large dataset of geotagged face images, and used it to examine the geo-dependence of facial features and attributes, such as ethnicity, gender, or the presence of facial hair. Our analysis illuminates the relationship between raw facial appearance, facial attributes, and geographic location, both globally and in selected major urban areas. Some of our experiments, and the resulting visualizations, confirm prior expectations, such as the predominance of ethnically Asian faces in Asia, while others highlight novel information that can be obtained with this type of analysis, such as the major city with the highest percentage of people with a mustache.

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